Pureed Food After Weightloss / Bariatric Surgery

After most weight loss surgery including Bariatric Surgery, Sleeve Gastrectomy and Gastric Bypass surgery you will start with a liquid food diet, then over the next few weeks you will move onto to pureed food, and finally progress to solid food. 

Care Food Co. texture modified food is a perfect option for your post gastric banding surgery and when you move onto pureed and soft food stages.

Delivered in small, handy pouches that are easy to portion control, Care Food Co. takes away the pressure of preparing pureed food in the first few weeks and months post surgery.

Simply squeeze the required amount of each food item (protein, vegetable or fruit) onto a plate, heat and serve. 

Your dietitian will advise the volume of food you require for each meal, and you can adjust the portions accordingly.

Pouch Serving Sizes:


Click here to download our MAIN DISH & VEGETABLE COLLECTION

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To view the nutritional information for each food item, please go to the relevant product page and see the Nutrition Information Label image located above the Product Description.

If you'd like to chat about our pureed food options that support you post weightloss / bariatric surgery please get in touch today.  Call our Customer Support line on 1300 251 890 or Contact Us here