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Mushy Peas 90gMushy Peas 90g
Pumpkin Mash 90gPumpkin Mash 90g
Carrot Puree 90gCarrot Puree 90g
Sweet Corn Puree 90gSweet Corn Puree 90g
Chicken Cacciatore 120g IDDSI Level 4Chicken Cacciatore 120g IDDSI Level 4
Polenta 90gPolenta 90g
Lamb Shank Casserole 120g IDDSI Level 4Lamb Shank Casserole 120g IDDSI Level 4
Smooth Pear 120gSmooth Pear 120g
Beef Bourguignon 120g IDDSI Level 4Beef Bourguignon 120g IDDSI Level 4
Beef Bolognese 120g IDDSI Level 4Beef Bolognese 120g IDDSI Level 4
Potato Puree 90gPotato Puree 90g
Smooth Apple 120gSmooth Apple 120g
Mashed Potato 90gMashed Potato 90g
Minestrone Soup 120g Level 4Minestrone Soup 120g Level 4
Lamb Tagine 120g IDDSI Level 4Lamb Tagine 120g IDDSI Level 4
Sweet and Sour Pork 120g Level 4Sweet and Sour Pork 120g Level 4
Zesty Sweet PotatoZesty Sweet Potato
Roast Balsamic Beetroot puree 90gRoast Balsamic Beetroot puree 90g
Ranch Baked Beans Level 4Ranch Baked Beans Level 4
Pumpkin Coconut Curry 120g Level 4Pumpkin Coconut Curry 120g Level 4
Chilli Con Carne 120g IDDSI Level 4Chilli Con Carne 120g IDDSI Level 4
Meal Box 3 - (7 Meals) Pureed Diet

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