Give Your Residents The Taste Of Home.

Why You'll Love Serving Care Food Co Food To Your Residents with Difficulty Swallowing:

  • It's Delicious - We know if it tastes great, you’re going to have happy residents whose nutritional requirements are being met. 
  • It's Fresh - Our food is 100% fresh, not frozen like most other texture modified food. 
  • It's Nutritious - Our food retains all its natural goodness and colour due to our unique production process. 
  • It's Additive Free - We don’t use any thickeners or additives in our food. Our food is as natural as can be, just as nature intended. It is not fortified. 
  • It's Safe - Safety is our key priority at Care Food Co. All our food is IDDSI compliant and available in levels 4, 5 & 6. Read more about IDDSI here
  • It's Cold Pressed - Our cold pasteurisation process (HPP) preserves the taste and textural qualities of food, maximises the bio-availability of nutrients and extends shelf life. Read more about HPP here.
  • It's Convenient - Portion sized pouches of individual food items, including mains, vegetables and fruit can be mixed and matched to create a variety of delicious meals. 

Apart from creating delicious and nutritious texture modified food, here are just a few things that Care Food Co delivers to help you provide the best possible service to your residents:

  • Free sample boxes for you to try - click here to order
  • Staff taste testing sessions available 
  • All our food is IDDSI compliant - click here for more information 
  • We are HACCP (food safe) certified 

Care Food Co. Removes the Risks Associated with Preparing Non-compliant and Potentially Life Threatening Food.

It takes great skill, training and specialist equipment to prepare and serve safe texture modified food.  Particularly in aged care settings. 

The risk of getting things wrong is high with outcomes potentially catastrophic … think choking or pneumonia (from food being ingested into the lungs).

Adopting the IDDSI framework seems easy ... but delivering to the framework is hard, particularly in food production.

Care Food Co. can help remove the risks associated with the preparation of texture modified foods. 

Get in touch today to discuss the best way to access Care Food Co. foods. 

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Serve delicious and nutritious meals that’ll put a smile on their face.

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