Put the enjoyment back into mealtimes.

With safe, delicious and nutritious food from Care Food Co.

At Care Food Co. we know how challenging it can be to care for your family member living with a swallowing disorder.  In fact, our company founders have first hand experience watching the worry and stress impact their family as they managed the care for one of their own family members.

That's why Care Food Co. was created.  To help people just like you provide the best possible love and care to your family.

Whether you are struggling to prepare safe, tasty and nutritious pureed food, have simply run out of ideas to keep the texture modified meals interesting or just need a couple of nights off, Care Food Co. is here to support you.

Why Choose Care Food Co.:

  • Our texture modified foods are categorised into IDDSI level (4, 5 & 6) so you can be confident knowing that what you are serving is safe.
  • Mix and match the foods you like to create a different meal every day, or purchase our Meal Boxes.
  • Our food is fresh, not frozen.
  • Our food is cold pressed which means nutrition is locked-in without compromising taste or appearance.
  • Our food is delicious! See comments below:

Customer Feedback:

"Finding Care Food Co. was like winning the lottery. For the first time in a long time mum is enjoying her food. You should see the smile on her face when I give her the first mouthful. Thank you so very much!"

"I haven’t had mushy peas in years & I can’t believe your Lamb Shank, it is just as good as I remembered Lamb Shank to be. The apple with yoghurt is amazing!"

Customer Stories:

Read some of our Customer Stories here and see how Care Food Co. is helping people eat better, feel better and live better!

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