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Melanie's Story - Getting Her Mother's Appetite Back

Melanie was struggling to get her 90 year old frail mother to eat. Over time Melanie’s mum had developed a really sweet tooth, so Melanie was always looking out for healthy sweet (ish) stuff to get some nutrients into her. Eventually her mother’s appetite totally disappeared.

Melanie observed her mum having trouble chewing and realised that her dentures were really bothering her. She started giving her mashed/soft food and gave up on the dentures. That helped a lot, but her mum was still very picky, and it was difficult to find enough variety of foods that she liked the taste and texture of.

That’s when Melanie discovered Care Food Co. and in Melanie’s words “it has been a total hit! The texture and flavours are just perfect. We have tried a bit of everything and she has loved all of it. She absolutely LOVES your food and actually polishes off everything I give her! She still doesn't eat much, but it is a MASSIVE improvement! It is great to be able to give her a variety of different proteins, and your pureed veges are excellent. I don't think there is any way I could puree the vegetables so perfectly”.

Melanie’s mum is now eating a proper dinner, and her appetite for breakfast and lunch has also increased.  Additionally, she doesn't have such a craving for sweet things anymore.

More feedback from Melanie “Mum often used to like having soup for lunch but recently went off it. I really wanted her to try your minestrone soup, but she kept saying she didn't feel like soup whenever I offered it. So I just gave it to her and said "try this minestrone" (with no mention of soup) and she loved it! You just seem to get the consistency and taste so right!”


Lisa Cutelli's Story - A Nurse's Experience

“I don’t know how you do it, I really don’t. You are food magicians.”

Lisa Cutelli is a registered nurse at Co.As.It an organisation that assists older Australian’s remain independent in their own homes longer.  Co.As.It provides a wide range of tailored support services that are sensitive to cultural, linguistic and clinical care needs.

In Lisa’s role as a nurse, she’s cared for many patients requiring texture modified foods for a whole range of different reasons. Her patients may have suffered a stroke, are in Palliative Care, have had post covid pulmonitis, or are recovering from throat cancer.

It’s been a real struggle over the years for Lisa, her patients and their carers to access decent texture modified food options.

She’s often seen thickeners added to boiled carrots, peas and corn as a solution, or meals that are pureed in a blender that bear no visual resemblance to the original – hardly appealing or satisfying food experiences.

Carers really struggle to prepare nutritious pureed foods that are safe, tasty and appealing to eat. This leads to unnecessary worry, stress and often makes carers feel guilty that they aren’t providing better food for their loved one.

Lisa says that Care Food Co. has been life changing for the carers she works with. Just knowing that Care Food Co. is available to carers to use either as a supplement to existing home prepared meals, or as a complete meal replacement solution is a relief to many.

“The carrot looks, smells and tastes just like real carrots, as do the peas, corn and polenta. And I love your Chicken Cacciatore & Spaghetti Bolognese, which says a lot coming from an Italian!”

“I don’t know how you do it, I really don’t. You are food magicians.”



Caroline's Story - Helping Her Mother Care For Her Elderly Uncle

"You've transformed our lives. I just don't have to worry anymore."

Caroline’s elderly Uncle had been waiting for his dentures to be repaired and installed and could not chew his food. Caroline’s mother took on the role of carer for her brother and was struggling to prepare him soft, smooth, nutritious food that he could eat and enjoyed.

Caroline could see the stress her mother was under and wanted to find a way to give her mother a break from food preparation. However, the pressure to constantly provide safe, easy to eat and nutritious food was enormous.

Fortunately, a family member had discovered Care Food Co and suggested they try it out, and so they did.

After a week of eating Care Food Co meals, Caroline noticed a dramatic improvement in her Uncle’s overall health and outlook on life. Other family members also started commenting on the turnaround in his health. When they saw him, they were amazed, and dumbstruck at how well he looked and feel.

“I can honestly say that the simple switch to Care Food Co meals was largely responsible for the improvement in my Uncle’s condition. He wasn’t really eating food or enjoying food prepared for him before introducing Care Food Co meals. But, the minute we served him the first plate, he started eating regularly again and asking for more.”

Caroline’s uncle has started walking again, and he can now confidently go to Church on Sundays and socialise, knowing that he can and will eat the conveniently packaged Care Food Co food when he is out.

The introduction of Care Food Co meals has been liberating for Caroline’s mum. She’s less tired now that she doesn’t have to worry about shopping and food preparation. It has removed the worry, and they are now definitely more mobile and are even confident enough to go away on an overnight Church camp.

The overall stress levels for their family have decreased significantly since the introduction of Care Food Co to the mix.

And as for Caroline’s Uncle, he now doesn’t feel like he’s an unnecessary burden on the family.

“We are now a much happier household. It's amazing how happy it makes him and the rest of us, and it's just food! Care Food Co has been truly transformative for him.”



Jean’s Story - Reducing The Stress Of Caring For Her Mother

Finding Care Food Co was like winning the lottery.

Jean is the full-time carer for her mother who is 101 years old and requires a texture modified diet.

As a busy mother herself, with lots of other competing responsibilities, preparing texture modified meals for her mother had become tiresome and stressful.  It was a real juggle finding time to prepare the meals while being alert to her mother’s needs.

Jean was awake late one night, filled with worry and in tears, crying because her mum had stopped eating. She was determined to find a way to help her mum start to eating again when she came across a Care Food Co advertisement on google. She had tried other meal options, and at one point even resorted to baby food, but nothing was palatable to her mum.

With nothing to lose, Jean made her first Care Food Co order and has never looked back. As soon as she gave her mother the first mouthful she knew she was on a winner and had discovered something incredible.  Jean’s mum had the biggest smile on her face, it was the first smile Jean had seen in a long time.

“When you are caring for someone full time, there is just so much to do.  Care Food Co has been a lifesaver for me. I feel so much better now that mum is not only eating again but is actually enjoying her meals. It also frees me up to focus 100% on her other needs.”

“The Care Food Co pouches are so convenient.  I can have a tasty, nutritious meal ready for mum within seconds.”



Judy’s Story - A Life Changing Discovery

Judy had been suffering from dysphagia for over 5 years before her daughter discovered Care Food Co.  Over this period Judy prepared all her meals herself. She had never come across a suitable alternative and was tired of eating the same boring meals week after week.  She couldn’t remember the last time she had eaten meat as she hadn’t ever been able to blend meat finely enough to suit her condition. She was at her wits end and pretty much resigned to herself to eating dull, tasteless meals for the rest of her life.

Looking for inspiration and alternatives that might help her mother enjoy food again, Judy’s daughter discovered Care Food Co online and ordered a sample pack for her mum to try.

Finding Care Food Co. was quite simply life changing for Judy! Not only did she find that the food tasted good, she felt confident that the smoothness was the right consistency because it had been IDDSI certified. She was also so happy to be able to enjoy a range of meals, including meat based meals, that she’d never dreamed of eating again!

"I haven’t had mushy peas in years & I can’t believe your Lamb Shank, it is just as good as I remembered Lamb Shank to be. The apple with yoghurt is amazing!"

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