Boiling water method (Preferred Method)

  1. Fill a mid-size pot with water and bring to the boil. 
  2. Place sealed pouch into the boiling water. 
  3. Allow the sealed pouch to float in the boiling water for (veg and fruit 3-4 min) (proteins 5-6 min). 
  4. Remove from boiling water using tongs. 
  5. Be careful when handling hot pouches as they will be the same temperature as the boiling water. (please note that several ingredient pouches can be heated at the same time). 
  6. Before use wrap pouch in a dry kitchen cloth so as to make it easier to handle hot. 
  7. Once pouch is wrapped and easy to handle break seal and unscrew lid. 
  8. Squeeze heated items content onto plate.
  9. Season to taste. 
  10. Serve. 

Microwave instructions 

  1. Unscrew lid from pouch. 
  2. Pipe content onto plate by squeezing pouch.  
  3. Content can be squeezed into either mounds or shapes. 
  4. Once desired amount has been added to plate replace lid on pouch. 
  5. Add other care food ingredients to plate if desired to make a full meal. 
  6. Cover with either a microwave safe plastic cover or plastic wrap over plate. 
  7. Place in microwave and close door. 
  8. Heat covered plate for 30-40 seconds (depending on the type and power of the microwave).
  9. Remove from microwave and take of cover or wrap. 
  10. Check temperature to ensure all items are heated. (If not recover and heat for additional 10 seconds.) 
  11. Season to taste.
  12. Serve. 


Keep refrigerated at all times when not in use.

Discard three days after opening.