Nutriloops Vanilla Rose Biscuits 12 pack



Nutriloops are a soft biscuit that will minimise chewing and allow ease of swallowing for individuals who require texture modified foods.

The texture of Nutriloops has been modified to allow the management of nutritional requirements and meal planning easier to achieve with confidence.

Nutriloops will provide essential energy for normal metabolism, prevention and treatment of malnutrition. One serve will deliver approximately 10% of your protein, energy and calcium requirements per day.

The International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (6), known as IDDSI, developed a framework to describe, test and ensure that appropriate foods and drinks meet each of the framework levels. Nutriloops has been tested by Yum Yum Nutritional & Dietary Consultants as being suitable for inclusion into the IDDSI framework for:

IDDSI 7EC Easy to chew, IDDSI 6SB Soft & Bite-sized when segments separated or available as ready-to-serve bite-size, IDDSI Transitional food.

Storage - Air tight container away from sunlight and heat. Suitable to be frozen or chilled.

Nutriloops Serving suggestions

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